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Preferred Care Ltd

11 Honeysuckle Place.




Tel: 01253 357727


Access to the offices of Preferred Care Ltd  

Our offices are situated on the ground floor and are easily accessible for the Majority of people.

We have an open door policy to Services Users, their Carers or Representatives, Health and Social Care Professionals and employees.  

It is the policy of Preferred Care Ltd to be open, approachable and available to our services users and employees as well as those who support and purchase services from the company and welcomes visitors.  

In line with this policy any individual who would like to talk to a senior member of our management team, irrespective of weather or not they can access the office should be assured that we would be more than happy to attend the home of those individuals or where appropriate to the service users needs a suitable location of the services users choice.  

Where appropriate, the company is also willing to visit the premises of other care providers, residential care homes, hospital trusts premises and specialist care units to conduct assessments, deliver care or support services users and their carers with their needs. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit please feel free to contact the office at any time.