What we do...

Preferred Care Ltd is a Registered and Regulated Domiciliary Home Care Provider. Services provided by the company are those described has Social Care Needs, which includes the provision of Personal Care and Domestic Support Services.

The aim of our service is to be person centered and based on achievable outcomes that are meaningful and appropriate to your care needs.

The list of services offered is by no means exhaustive but some broad examples are laid out below. Support with personal care; including:

  • Washing, Showering or Bathing
  • Getting up & going to Bed
  • Dressing and Undressing
  • Mobility and Transfers
  • Meal Preparation,
  • Feeding and Assistance with Medication
  • Toileting & Continence Care
  • End of Life Care
  • Support with Budgeting,
  • Pension Collecting
  • Menu planning and shopping.
  • Pastoral Support,
  • Escorting and Companion Visits.

We also offer Support with developing skills required to maintain independence in the home, e.g. cleaning, responding to correspondence and assistance with pet care.

By providing support to access community resources for leisure, education and skills development opportunities.  

Liaising with relevant professionals to ensure the continuity of care, support and progression.  

24 hour responsive support service for emergency situations and helpline calls.

Tel: 01253 357727